Untouched North and East

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Arrival and transfer to Negombo

Arrive in Sri Lanka and transfer to the coastal town of Negombo. This is an ideal introduction to Sri Lanka with its multiethnic community and bustling Negombo fish market. Here in Negombo you find the main communities living in harmony and there are many Cathedrals, Buddhist temples, Hindu Temples (known as Kovils) and Mosques in proximity. Spend the evening at leisure.

Negombo to Puttalam

After breakfast set off for Puttalam. This coastal town is the main trade hub of the Puttalam district which is responsible for a large output of the island’s coconut and sea salt production. En-route make a slight detour to visit the Anavilundawa bird sanctuary which is a haven for many species of wetland birds. In the evening you will have a chance to visit the Kalpitiya peninsula which is famous for its scenic beaches, lagoon and kitesurfing hotspots. The small town at the tip of the peninsula is home to an ancient Dutch church and fishing harbor.

Puttalam to Mannar

After a delicious breakfast of local delicacies take the coastal route through the jungles of Wilpattu heading northwards to Mannar, another coastal town which is rarely visited by tourists. Mannar is famous for its seafood, especially the crabs that have a high demand in seafood restaurants in Colombo. In addition to seafood it is also a quaint town with scenic beaches and wetlands which are home to many birds.

Explore Mannar

Spend the day exploring Mannar and its surroundings with a knowledgeable local guide who will help you find many hidden gems and share many interesting stories about the area and its history. You will also be able to visit a local family and enjoy a delicious homecooked seafood meal.

Mannar to Jaffna

Bid farewell to Mannar and drive farther north to Jaffna. This region is home to a significant part of Sri Lanka’s Tamil culture. There are many Hindu temples and cultural sites to visit and lots of interesting sights, sounds and scenery which are a stark contrast to the island’s southern region. You will have a local guide from the region who will accompany you during your stay in Jaffna to help you make the most of your visit. He will help navigate the language barrier and understand the cultural nuances and enhance your experience in Jaffna. After relaxing in the hotel set out in the evening to explore the Jaffna town. This busy hub is an ideal place to get a feel of Jaffna and interact with the friendly local people. There are many local restaurants which serve authentic local cuisine which are a delight to the taste buds.

Delft Island

After breakfast set off to the Kurikadduwan Jetty where you will travel by ferry to the Delft island. Located about 30 km off the mainland this island is home to a small community of people who permanently reside on the island and travel to the mainland for work and other necessities. The island has been inhabited for many centuries and there are visible remnants of the Dutch era as well. Your local guide will help you explore the fascinating places on the island. Later in the day you will be able to enjoy a simple lunch at a local home and catch the final ferry back to the mainland in the afternoon. Return to your accommodation in Jaffna.


After breakfast set off to explore the highlights of the Jaffna peninsula. You will be pleasantly surprised by the scenic beauty of this region. One of the significant differences you will notice is the prevalence of palmyra trees in this area as opposed to coconut trees which are found in abundance in the south. The people of Jaffna have many uses for the tree and you will observe the various parts of the tree put to good use from fencing material to alcoholic beverages. Apart from the palmyra trees Jaffna has many beautiful temples, a well-preserved fort and a library. Venturing away from the town center you will see the farmers working hard on the fertile fields. End the day watching the sunset from point Pedro, the northern most tip of Sri Lanka.

Jaffna to Trincomalee

Bid farewell to Jaffna and setoff for Trincomalee. Trinco is one of the world's best natural harbors and it has played a major role in both Sri Lankan history as well as during World War 2. Trinco is famous for its many beaches of which the most popular are Nilaveli and Marble Beach.

Snorkeling at Pigeon Island

This morning take a boat ride to the Pigeon Island National Park just off the coast of Nilaveli, where you can spend the morning snorkeling exploring the amazing underwater landscape and marine life. Return to your hotel for some down time. Head out in the evening to explore Trincomalee and its surroundings. Explore the many cultural sites of Trinco from the Dutch fort to Hindu temples, natural clear spring wells with varying temperatures of bubbling water, and forgotten Buddhist temples.

Relax at the beach

Spend the day relaxing by the beach or explore the Kokilai sanctuary which is home to a variety of wetland birds.

Trincomalee to Passikudah

After Breakfast transfer south to Batticaloa, Passikudah. This coastal town is renowned for its crystal-clear beaches which are protected by reefs which allow safe swimming. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Watersports and Adventure

Spend the day at leisure relaxing by the pool and swimming in the ocean. There is a selection of optional activities available such as snorkeling, watersports and local experiences as well.

Relax at the beach

Spend the day at leisure relaxing by the pool and swimming in the ocean. There is a selection of optional activities available such as snorkeling, watersports and local experiences as well.


Departure transfer to the airport.