Romantic Tropical Getaway

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Pannala | Dambulla | Sigiriya | Dambulla | Gal Oya | Haputale | Unawatuna | Galle

Arrive and transfer to Horathapola Estate

Arrive in Sri Lanka and transfer to the Horathapola Estate. Horathapola is a unique bungalow property that has its own organic estate. This will be an ideal location to relax and experience some of the aspects of rural Sri Lanka.

Pannala to Dambulla

Today transfer to Dambulla, you will be lodging at Kalundewa Retreat. You can spend the evening exploring the rural village life in the area surrounding Kalundewa Retreat.

Experience a Farm Tour

Spend the late morning visiting a local village farmer and learn about their various farming practices and livelihood and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

After breakfast visit the Sigiriya rock fortress. Sigiriya is famous for the ancient rock fortress from the 5th Century. This magnificent complex was built by a prince who was fleeing from the consequences of patricide. Today it is a tourist hot spot where visitors come and marvel at the royal palace complex and fortress built upon a rock that rises 200 meters above the surrounding landscape this was an ideal vantage point for the troubled prince. There are many architectural, artistic and engineering marvels to explore in Sigiriya. The Sigiriya complex consists of a royal palace and citadel consisting of an inner city and outer city with the palace is surrounded by three ramparts and two moats. Within the palace there are elaborate gardens with fountains watered by elaborate water retaining systems together with surface and sub-surface hydraulic systems. One of the crowning highlights is the beautiful frescos of heavenly maidens which are painted on the western rock face about 100 meters from ground level. They are remnants of a much larger collection that covered an area nearly 140 meters long! Arrive back at the hotel in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool.

Dambulla to Gal Oya

After an early breakfast transfer to the Gal Oya National Park. Though Gal Oya has been a protected sanctuary for many years it is one of the less visited National Parks and therefore in pristine condition. Initially developed as part of a vast agricultural and hydro project in the 50’s this region was later separated and protected in order to create a safe haven and minimize conflict between humans and wildlife. The park is home to beautiful landscapes and is in close proximity to the Senanayke Reservoir which is the island’s largest manmade lake. Your accommodation will be at a unique safari lodge located in the wilderness.

Safari at the Gal Oya National Park

Today you will be able to embark on a morning and afternoon safari of the Gal Oya National park. Gal Oya is home to many species of flora and fauna. You will have the opportunity to spot mammals such as axis deer, sambar deer, wild boar and the occasional sloth bear and leopard. However as with most national parks’ elephants tend to be the highlight. One of the highlights of a safari at Gal Oya is the opportunity to witness elephants swimming in the waters of the Senanayake Samudraya which is one of the islands largest lakes. You will have the opportunity to embark on a boat safari to get a closer view of these majestic animals swimming while using their trunks as snorkels!

Meet the Indigenous People of Sri Lanka

Today you will get an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the indigenous people of Sri Lanka known as the “veddas”. Traditionally the Veddas were hunter gatherers and were exceptional at surviving in the wilderness. The older generations still possess the skills and venture into the forests like their ancestors before them. On this tour you will have the opportunity to join one of the senior Veddas and trek into the jungle and learn about their heritage. This expedition will be facilitated by a local guide who’s well accustomed with the ways of the Vedda and will double up as your translator.

Gal Oya to Haputale

After breakfast transfer to Haputale. The cool climate in the town of Haputale and its surroundings offer a very different climate to the warm weather you have been experiencing thus far. In the late afternoon visit Lipton’s seat the location Sir Thomas Lipton founder of Lipton Tea used as an observation point of the vast tea estates that were under his watch.

A Ceylon Tea Experience

After breakfast visit a tea estate and observe how the tea pluckers nimbly pluck the two leaves and a bud. Following this visit a factory to witness the art of processing Ceylon tea. Ceylon tea has a rich heritage and is enjoyed by many tea lovers around the world. At the factory you will be taken through each of the key processes that are followed to transform fresh tea leaves into the final product. This will be followed by a visit to a tea estate worker’s house for lunch and indulge in some traditional South Indian influenced meals. You will also get the opportunity to cook along with the family members which will be something very interactive and joyful.

Haputale to Unawatuna

After Breakfast travel to Unawatuna to spend some relaxing time at the beach. For many decades Unawatuna has been one of Sri Lanka’s most popular beach destinations and often referred to as the “most famous” beach of the country. Spend the afternoon and evening sunbathing and relaxing at the beach.

Explore the Galle Fort

In the evening visit the famous Galle fort which is about 15mins away from your hotel. The Galle Fort is city with the perfect blend of past and present, the native and the colonial. Galle Fort was first built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and then modified by the Dutch during the 17th century. The Galle Fort is one of the best-preserved examples of 17th century colonial fortifications in the world and is on the UNESCO list of world monuments. Much of what visitors see of the Galle Fort is a reflection of the way Galle Fort was during the time of the Dutch.

Relax at the beach

As your holiday comes to an end spend the last day relaxing at the beach. You can visit a turtle conservation center to witness the great work that is been done to protect the habitat.


Today transfer back to Colombo Airport for your onward flight.