Getting Around

Sri Lankan has a widespread road network with many A and B grade roads. Most of which are in very good condition and there is an ongoing construction of a highway network that will connect the major cities. Additionally, there is a railway network that connects the major cities as well. Visitors to Sri Lanka have many options for travel depending on their individual preference. It is important to note that in Sri Lanka you drive on the Left Lane like in the UK.

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Chauffeur driven Cars and Vans

If you are travelling with a travel company, you will have the choice of booking your own vehicle with the services of a chauffeur. You can request for a tourist board licensed chauffeur who is trained and certified by the Sri Lankan Tourist board and is knowledgeable and able to show you around the country. They are also authorized to act as tour guides in all the major tourist sites as well which a definite advantage.

Self-Drive Vehicles

There are many rental companies that offer rental vehicles for hire in Sri Lanka which you can drive yourself. Its best to book in advance and ensure your license and insurance are in order. Casons is a reliable rental company.

Motorbike Hire

Hiring a motorbike is one of the best ways to explore the island. There are both Japanese Enduros as well as Royal Enfield bikes for hire in Sri Lanka. You will need to get a permit to ride in Sri Lanka and this can be facilitated by the rental companies in advance.

Visit Sri Lanka, Places to Stay, Things to do, Holiday

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Visit Sri Lanka, Places to Stay, Things to do, Holiday

Public Transport

If you prefer to use public transport there are many bus and train routes that link up almost any location of the country. While the main bus stop in Colombo city has busses travelling daily to each major town and city the Colombo railway station also has daily trains travelling specially on the hill country line that winds through some of the most scenic forest and tea country. It is always best to plan ahead and make sure you catch the right transport at the right time.

Visit Sri Lanka, Places to Stay, Things to do, Holiday


Tuk tuks are three wheeled vehicles that are great for travelling short distances, for example from the bus stop to your accommodation etc. However, there is a growing trend where visitors hire their own tuk tuk and self-drive around the country. Its an exciting mode of transport as you can roll down the hood and soak up the sun!

Bicycle Hire

For those who prefer to explore the country on a bicycle it is possible to rent a high end bike from a renowned brand such as Trek, Giant or Specialized. Route maps can be provided and if you need company you can always hire the services of a cycle guide who will double up as a mechanic as well.